Revitalization of public spaces

Over the last several years, trends in arranging public spaces have been changing slowly yet visibly. This is in response to a change in consumers’ expectations: more interesting designs in public spaces.

The new European Square in Warsaw is an example of this trend. Designers, developers and owners are beginning to see the potential in attracting a larger number of guests to public spaces, extending their stay, and encouraging them to visit more often. Several important factors fostering the change in trends can be distinguished here.

A well-managed public space increases pedestrian traffic. Designers and Investors are becoming increasingly conscious of the fact that a well-designed space attracts both guests and tenants, as well as vendors. For this reason, increasingly broad packages of diverse, interconnected services are being applied in such places. The Multimedia Fountain Park was created at the foot of the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Multimedia shows take place in the main basin several times a week. A small fountain serving as an aquatic playground for children and youth was created next to it. In the winter, a system of LED holiday lights is installed in the empty basin. Hundreds of people come here every day to relax, and in the evenings, the audience viewing multimedia and laser shows reaches more than ten thousand people.

Does revitalization of public space increase local investment?

Tenants and Officials are increasingly seeing the monetary value in entertainment. Over time, a year-long restaurant with a view of the fountain will be created near the Fountain Park in Warsaw mentioned above. During the summer, food trucks and vending machines with beverages will appear near the fountain. After a weekend summer show, a large part of the audience moves to the Old Town, and when this happens, it is difficult to find a free table at a bar or restaurant.

Visitors stay longer in well-designed meeting places. The Litewski Square in Lublin was restored with greenery and avenues for walking and commissioned for use after revitalization in 2017. A multimedia fountain with a diverse schedule is the central component of the square. The fountain consists of various water attractions, both in the park and on the transit route. The fountain is neighbored by avenues for walking with benches, a playground for children, a green area for rest and recreation, and other attractions. Thanks to such diverse land management and an ever-changing program, guests stay near the Square and its attractions longer. Because of this, local restaurants and bars located near the Square have noted a sudden increase in revenue compared to before revitalization.

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