What We Do

We are a leader in supplying fountain technologies to the Polish market.

Our creations constitute an architectural component and are the ornaments of numerous centers and shopping malls, city squares and parks.

We design and implement both traditional and modern, including multimedia, solutions.

All of our projects meet the highest quality and safety standards

Multimedia fountains

Multimedia fountains are the largest fountains, created as part of redevelopment and revitalization of cities. They serve not only architectural and aesthetic but also cultural functions. These fountains enact multimedia shows regularly, attracting an audience in season with the help of water, light, lasers and video. Systems of this type become a unique center for entertainment and relaxation on summer evenings. A modern, periodically changing program of such fountains makes it possible to capture the attention of a viewer not only during the season, but throughout the years.

Interactive Fountains

Interactive fountains are modern systems equipped with the latest technical achievements and demand for them is growing quickly. The interactive fountain systems offered by Watersystem bring joy and a moment of respite through the effects they create – water, light and sound – to all who are nearby, particularly on hot summer days.

Interactive fountains incorporate complex technological components, precise construction and precisely executed designs. All of these operations must be coordinated professionally in order to ensure certain operation of the installation

City parks and squares

Modern technical solutions have created broader capabilities in managing urban space. Thanks to this, old and neglected squares and marketplaces in towns and cities can become colorful fountain squares concentrating the local life of communities around them. Here, it is possible to realize water labyrinths, jumping water, wavy streams and many other ideas

Shopping Malls

Commercial buildings newly under construction are designed not only as places for shopping but also relaxation nowadays. Situating fountains in shopping malls help to create the right atmosphere for rest. These can be either classical basin fountains with a visible water surface or musical fountains presenting aqua-musical spectacles every full hour. Modern small architecture design, including greenery, benches and bicycle racks, help create a space for rest and relaxation in such places.

Historical fountains

Besides large, prestigious and modern systems, our portfolio also includes historical fountains. Renovation or overhaul of such a structure requires strict coordination between the process engineer, architect and conservator of historical monuments. An investment on an object of this type is often linked to the necessity of applying alternative technical solutions and selecting equipment that not only provide the desired effect and safety, but also have no adverse impact on the historical surroundings.

Floating fountains

A pond or waterhole in a park is a natural place where a fountain may be designed. A floating platform is a unit on which fountain nozzles, lighting and a pump are installed. We recommend the wide range of water spray nozzles and diverse types of lighting that can be found among the products we offer. The height of a water jet can range from 1 to 20 meters. Traditional white or color lighting can be applied. Equipment is selected on an individual basis as requested by the Client.

Water sculptures

Modernity and the avant-garde in architecture also provides for water jets incorporated into objects made of stainless steel, stone and glass. Water is a unique binder that melds together components of the space, transmitting the light illuminating the system. It can also serve as an element that isolates the space of a patio or lobby in modern construction engineering.

Private Fountains

A private investor who decides to order the design and construction of a fountain from us can count on the highest standard of professional service. As part of our service, we provide complete technical consulting with respect to the selection of water patterns, issue of guidelines for the architect and other disciplines, as well as professional construction and start-up of the system. Our company also provides a guarantee and post-guarantee service for such systems.

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