​Modern fountains

Modern basinless fountains make the public spaces where they are installed significantly more attractive on summer days. Their jumping streams and splashing water attract children and their parents, serving as a fount of joy and good fun. Well-chosen lighting highlights the structure’s appeal on summer evenings. However, a fountain is a very complicated system. It consists of devices of varying degrees of complexity, requiring continuous and regular maintenance. Maintenance technicians responsible for a fountain should be properly trained and qualified for performing such work.


The safety of every system is the overriding goal of our designers, contractors and staff. We know very well that every design error may affect not only the lifetime of the fountain but also the health of those who use them. Watersystem Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. has been designing and building fountains for over a decade.

We have provided several guidelines, below, about how to design a fountain so that it is functional and safe.

The detailed design of the fountain's technology should be consistent between the disciplines: construction, sanitary, electrical and road engineering. This will ensure a good foundation for execution of the investment by experienced and qualified construction workers. A properly made fountain will have the proper downgrades in the system, the proper performance of ventilation in the technical room, and no pools of standing water or puddles. Good guarantee service ensures that the fountain has no outages and reduces the risk of failure.

Maintaining the proper downgrades both inside and outside of the fountain’s basin is an important factor when building a fountain. Every fountain should have a properly shaped drainage area besides just a properly shaped basin. This will ensure that the square is separated from the basin, preventing pollution from the square from reaching the basin and ensuring quick return of water from nozzles to the fountain. No benches, pots or greenery should be found in the drainage area.

The pumps of water nozzles are underwater units that use the water under the tiles in the basin. Power is supplied to pump units and reflectors using safe voltage: 12 and 24V. Water in the basin is continuously filtered and treated. A disinfectant preventing bacterial growth and development is added to the water. In the event of a failure of the filtering or treatment system, the fountain must be shut down. It is also important to note that the water in the fountain is not intended for drinking or bathing. There should be signs near the fountain informing of this.

Easy operation

The application of the latest DMX RDM data transmission systems is an additional factor facilitating supervision of a fountain’s operation. This system makes it possible not only to manage individual devices but also to receive feedback information about the status of every device. Thanks to this, individual devices do not have to be dismounted to check their operating condition. This makes maintenance easier and minimizes operating costs. Some information should help us to prepare a fountain design or concept for you. If you have any questions or require assistance with a design, please contact us. We will make every effort so that the task you intend to complete meets all standards and requirements, making it safer and more appealing.

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